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Freeborn Man

Take Me To the Water

Good Wine

Sunday Morning Child

Teach me Love Again

We Call Them Cowboys

Third Stool From The Payphone

Susan By The Water

Lucifer's Dancing

Look Who Wants it Now

Sometimes In The Morning

I Won't Quit Now

Russ Edwards

I( met him in a bar one afternoon …
He said, “man sit down and let me buy you a beer” …
And then he told me his story.
He said …

Pretty soon now she’s gonna call me on the phone.
She’s gonna beg me to forgive her;
Beg me to come home.
She knows she can reach me in this bar.
It’s where I always come to wait it out
When things have gone this far.

Third stool from the payphone …
Second wedding ring.
One more round and I’ll forget
I ever said that awful thing.
And maybe I’ll forget she said she’s gonna
Take the kids and leave.
Third stool from the payphone …
My land of make believe.

Pretty soon now she
She’s gonna call me on the phone.
She’s gonna cry and say she’s sorry;
Tell me she was wrong.
Three days now I’ve been living in this bar;
Sittin’ on this stool ‘til closing time …
Sleeping in my car.



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