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We Call Them Cowboys

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I Won't Quit Now

Russ Edwards

Arizona on the way to California …
(Hit a) burger joint
Passin’ through Slow Low.
She gave me a French fries
And a soda,
And a smile that pleased my eyes
And burned my soul.

I used some cheap line to start
A conversation.
(She) said she’d never been
A hundred miles from home.
Hooked up with some snake
Just out of high school.
(Now) she was cookin’ fries
To make it on her own.

She said,
Cowboy, will you take me to the water?
Take me to the ocean
Free my mind.
Then take me anywhere
And any way you want to take me;
Take me to the water
Then take your time.

(I told her) cowboys don’t know much
About blue water.
It’s sand and sweat and
Bulls and broncs and grime.
Trailers, trav’lin’,
Keepin’ scores …
Talkin’ trash in trauma wards
Don’t teach a tramp
‘Bout classy broads
With lovin’ on their mind.

Kitty was a child of Arizona.
(Been) dreamin’ ‘bout the ocean
All her life.
(I) took her all the way to California;
(And) on a sunny, salty beach …
I took her for my wife.


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