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Freeborn Man

Take Me To the Water

Good Wine

Sunday Morning Child

Teach me Love Again

We Call Them Cowboys

Third Stool From The Payphone

Susan By The Water

Lucifer's Dancing

Look Who Wants it Now

Sometimes In The Morning

I Won't Quit Now

Russ Edwards

Susan by the water sleeping,
Soft winds gently sweeping
Kiss her tenderness.
And I sit watching quietly,
She turns and I can almost see
Her gentleness.
Oh, the sun comes down to kiss her eyes,
I watch her rise,
She turns she runs,
She’s gone.
And in the spot where Susan lay,
I think about my busy day,
Must move along.

My bus’ness world; the lying cheating --
Ten percent --
I keep repeating Susan’s name.
I do my best, but like the rest
I tell myself it’s all part of
The dollar game.
But late at night when dreams will play
I think about the day
She’ll turn from me;
And then my own, my little girl,
Out in my cold bus’ness world
And I’m to blame.


© 2009 Russ Edwards & TEAHouse Music