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I Won't Quit Now

Russ Edwards & Fran Smith Jr.

He spoke of bobby-sox and an old juke box;
(And) How he met her on a Christmas day;
Old man sittin’ on an old park bench
Tellin’ tales of yesterday.
Almost in rhyme, he (spoke) (talked) of younger times
Fresh old faded memories.
He said, “Like vintage wine, good love takes time”;
Then said these words to me …

“I heard the birds sing, bells ring
When she first caught my eye.
And I came to find, good things take time,
And love is like good wine.

He told me, fifty years ago,
He bought this new old Chevrolet.
Drove her up to Natchez on the river;
Married her along the way.”
He said, “God blessed,
We got through it all,
As years passed our love grew.”
As the old man spoke,
His old voice broke,
(And) somehow I just knew …

//: He still hears the birds sing,
Bells ring
When she walks on by.
And he came to find good things take time …
And love is like good wine.

(2) And he’s lived the line: good things take time;
(2) Yeah, love is like good wine. **

Well, my years will come;
His years have gone,
(But) he survived the test of time.
Lots of poets write a lot about love,
But he can testify …
‘Bout Bobby sox and an old juke box
And that new old Chevrolet.
After fifty years of joy and tears
He still loves her more each day. ://


© 2009 Russ Edwards & TEAHouse Music