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Freeborn Man

Take Me To the Water

Good Wine

Sunday Morning Child

Teach me Love Again

We Call Them Cowboys

Third Stool From The Payphone

Susan By The Water

Lucifer's Dancing

Look Who Wants it Now

Sometimes In The Morning

I Won't Quit Now

Russ Edwards


My feet are getting’ cold because my shoes are getting’ thin
Standing on some highway with my thumb out in the wind
And I don’t know where I’m going, don’t know when I’m coming back
Since I left it’s been the high road and some westbound railroad track

//: Well, what’s wrong with a man who leaves
The warmth of love to do the things I do?
And how can I expect you to believe me
When I say that I love you?
When I keep chasing after the wind,
Running after rainbows;
Leaving you again and going where the wind blows?
God I tried to change … my ways …
But I’m a freeborn man.

Now some men get their kicks by watching cowboys on TV,
But that easy armchair living’s never been a part of me
And all you ever say is please be careful, hurry back
You deserve more than a hobo with a guitar on his back ://


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