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We call them Cowboys is on the charts.
Thank you all.

Roots Music Report:

Debuted at #43 on the Cashbox Magazine True Country Top 50 >>  

Reached #7 on the CASHBOX magazine national chart >>

Hit #1 on NJ Roots Radio Airplay Chart >>



We thank the following stations for playing selections from "We Call Them Cowboys" ...

Jay Spica
I Won't Quit Now
We Call Them Cowboys
Sharon  - on "Scene Unseen" (soon to be renamed "Regional Frequency.")
Freeborn Man

WRKF, 89.3 fm Baton Rouge
Taylor Caffery, Hootenanny Power
We Call Them Cowboys

Norman Whitman, DETOURS
Lucifer's Dancing

WXOU 88.3 FM Auburn Hills, MI, Oakland University Radio
The Old Front Porch Radio Show 
Sunday Morning's Child
We Call Them Cowboys

WRUR  88.5 FM   WRUR/ WXXI,  Rochester, NY
Ray Baumler
Susan by the Water

Tom Funk, Green Chile Revival & Medicine Show,
Take Me to the Water

Jamie Hoover, Mother Road & Zesty Ranch
Sounds from the Mother Road, Weds 9pm KSUT
Zesty Ranch Thursdays 10am KSJD
Take Me to the Water
Bill Hahn, Traditions
Good Wine 
KAFM Airplay in CO
Junkyard Twang (Americana) With Paul
We Call Them Cowboys

Three tracks Added at CountryBear 
Good Wine
I Won't Quit Now
We Call Them Cowboys

WSLU 89.5 FM North Country Public Radio, St. Lawrence University
Mike Alzo, The Folk Show
Susan by the Water

There's a nice write-up on WESU's forum. (Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT)
Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:21 pm    Post subject: Adds for January, 2010\
Russ Edwards - We Call Them Cowboys, CD, Folk/Bluegrass/AAA - Americana Roots
FCC Clean,  Another hot Album just in.   Great Vocals and Instrumentals . Favorite Tracks 1 FreeBorn Man… gotta play this.  Also listen to Track 12  - I Won't Quit Now
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